Testimonial: Nick Frost, LRH Chartered Accountants

Thursday, 11th May 2017

Nick Frost, of LRH Chartered Accountants, has been referring his clients to MCS Corporate Strategies for several years. Here, he explains how referring to an R&D specialist adds value to his accountancy offering.

R&D is a specialist subject, so it really needs a specialist to get the best out of a tax credits claim. As an accountant, you can’t be a specialist in everything, but with something as potentially lucrative as R&D tax credits you don’t want your clients to lose out.

What client wouldn’t be happy to get free money? That is essentially what R&D tax credits are. In the hands of an expert advisor like MCS, the credit awarded can often be a significant amount and a hugely beneficial source of cash flow.

MCS are so easy to work with. Whenever I’ve introduced MCS to a client, I have complete trust that they’ll get to know that business and its needs. They go beneath the surface to get to the nitty gritty, and it’s that understanding that results in the best possible R&D claim.

Nick Frost, LRH Chartered Accountants