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  • IndustryClaim Value
  • AcousticsAcoustic specialist providing sound control solutions for structural and space interiors.£42,700Download
  • Agricultural and HorticulturalDesign, installation of landscaped facilities, soil conditions flora, fauna and horticultural, environmental services to commercial sites.£108,800Download
  • Agricultural and HorticulturalIndependent farming energy production and agriculture establishment growing, harvesting and large-scale on-site processing of potatoes. £93,900Download
  • AutomotiveSpecialists in the design and manufacture of Special Purpose Machines and Leak Detection Systems. £66,300Download
  • AutomotivePrecision engineering and fabrication company. £168,489.40Download
  • AutomotiveManufacturing company, specialising in lift component design and general component design and manufacture. £80,265.54Download
  • Building Controls and Electrical ControlsBuilding controls and remote sensing, calibration systems. £34,000Download
  • ChemicalsChemicals and development company, specialised in distribution of Polymers and Additives to the Rubber, Plastics, Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants industries. £3335,800Download
  • ChemicalsChemicals and development company specialising in formulating and blending polyurethane and epoxy resin systems. £195,000Download
  • ConstructionStructural design, manufacture for light gauge frame and structural steelwork solutions across ranges of construction projects. £583,000Download
  • ConstructionArchitectural practice with ranges of specialist work undertaken across the UK. £109,600Download
  • Energy and WasteWaste management company working nationally in materials reclamation, waste, composite products and processing. £24,780Download
  • Energy and WasteConstruction company specialising in design and manufacture of Anaerobic Digestion Installations. £27,220Download
  • Engineering Technology and Software ITManufacturer of precision engineered components and assemblies to the Aerospace, Defence, Environmental, Nuclear, Medical and Petro Chemical Industries. £174,380Download
  • Engineering Technology and Software ITPrecision engineering, milling and turning company. Prototyping, design and new processes. £98,850Download
  • FashionA company designing and developing innovative use of materials, processes and production for environmentally friendly clothing products and accessories. £84,793.60Download
  • FashionShoe manufacturer. Design and specialist manufacture of high grade fashion footware. £294,071.58Download
  • Financial Services and BankingMicro firm – research leading to development of support segments to complex banking and trading platforms. Algorithmic research into predictive patterns and analysis for systems. £5,552.36Download
  • FoodWholesale food processing company. Storage, distribution and logistics. £240,100Download
  • Industrial SystemsCompressed air design technology and management company. £364,000Download
  • Industrial SystemsEngineering solutions provider. £112,000Download
  • Media, Film and TelevisionProvider of real-time 3D visualisation. £210,000Download
  • Motor SportsResearch and support development for high level competitive sporting bikes capable of competing worldwide. £76,500Download
  • Recycling and Green TechnologyA company producing renewable energy from Anaerobic Digestion. £66,980Download
  • Recycling and Green TechnologyA specialist company engaged in design and construction of biogas plants in which farm-agricultural wastes are co-digested with other wastes from food manufacturers, retailers and other industries that produce feed wastes that can be processed to produce renewable energy. £27,200Download
  • Recycling and Green TechnologyA construction and installation of Modular buildings, Portable Buildings and Prefabricated Buildings Company. £63,000Download
  • Research EstablishmentsResearch company engaged on development of new and improved fuel injection system and other technologies for hand held and smaller IC engines. £12,000Download
  • Security and Forensic InvestigationsSpecialist in digital forensic investigative work, data recovery, secure data erasure and ranges of asset recovery and identification services. £53,600Download
  • Solar TechnologyOriginal research and development for an own-range of solar devices and systems to operate with other site mechanical and energy services. £32,800Download
  • Structural SteelDesign, manufacture and install bespoke light gauge frame and structural steelwork solutions across extensive ranges of construction projects. Research into own production systems for profiles and other patented items. £562,233.20Download
  • Transport and LogisticsTrailer Manufacturer. Designs for wide ranges of special large trailer bodies for specific functions and general operational requirements. £28,000Download
  • Transport and LogisticsLogistics and distribution-collection services. Creation of systems based on software to control collections via vehicle and other means of transport in rural and urban locations. £27,000Download