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The EIS and SEIS schemes or investment tax incentives for use by angel investors.

SEIS allows companies to register investments with HMRC in the SEIS scheme and allow up to £150,000 to be invested by investors, with a tax certificate issued that protects the investment by 50%.

Various rules apply, such as

  • Is less than 2 years old
  • no more than £200,000 in gross assets
  • less than 25 employees
  • not previously carried out a different trade

The EIS scheme is similar, but allows larger amounts of investment into a company looking for up to £100,000 investment.  It offers 30% protection for investors and:

  • no more than £15 million in gross assets
  • less than 250 employees
  • been more than 7 years since it’s first commercial sale



A chemicals and development company, specialising in the distribution of Polymers and Additives. Claim Value £335,800.


Energy and Waste

A waste management company working nationally in materials reclamation, waste and processing. Claim Value £24,780.



Structural design, manufacture for light gauge frame and structural steelwork solutions across ranges of construction projects.