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Grants are another way in which the Government provides valuable financial support.

Grants all vary and each have their own criteria and submission requirements. Our consultants will be happy to undertake initial work to identify and qualify a scheme with you, with no obligation.

There are many different grants from many different sources out there. You can even apply for grants whilst processing other forms of tax relief such as R&D. You can claim for both R&D and grants simultaneously. This is where the advice of an experienced professional who specialises in advising innovative businesses can really pay dividends. Whilst it may seem it’s always in your best interests to accept grants or subsidies, the impact on other forms of relief such as R&D tax credits can be considerable, and it’s always worth seeking expert guidance before going through the application process, it could end up saving you thousands.

Explaining R&D grants:

R&D grants can provide an essential source of match funding for your innovative project. However, applying for R&D grant funding is convoluted and time consuming. What’s more, your time could be wasted because applying for grant funding is highly competitive, with only the highest quality application standing any chance of success.

Proposed R&D projects and costs must also be realistic with a clear commercial opportunity, with the aims of creating new or exploiting significant growth within the market.

R&D projects must seek to solve a technical uncertainty by undertaking risky or innovative research and development. It is for this purpose that R&D grants are often awarded to fund R&D projects deemed too risky for private sector investment.



A chemicals and development company, specialising in the distribution of Polymers and Additives. Claim Value £335,800.


Energy and Waste

A waste management company working nationally in materials reclamation, waste and processing. Claim Value £24,780.



Structural design, manufacture for light gauge frame and structural steelwork solutions across ranges of construction projects.