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Submitting a successful claim is all about asking the right questions, and it can take an expert to find the right answers. At MCS, we understand that while finding eligible expenditure can be difficult, it’s only one part of the process.

Unlike our competitors, our team take care of the full process – from compiling your claim to liaising with HMRC.

Here are just five ways that our service is different – and can add value to your claim:

Our team complete the full claim, including both financial and technical reporting, with minimal impact on your staff. Over the years, we’ve developed a thorough understanding of what makes a good Read more


ISO accreditation is very important to our team at MCS. For us, it’s about far more than putting ticks against boxes and receiving a ‘pass’, and it always has been. From the start we’ve used the ISO process as a valuable tool, one that helps us to review and reshape our operations, to really think about how we service our clients and operate our business.

We know that for many businesses, ISO can be a daunting experience, one that forces you to analyse your operations and deal with those niggling problems that are lurking out of sight, out of mind. What we came to realise in our experience is that Read more



When is a company more innovative than when it’s starting up? The first year of almost any business is centered on new ideas, new processes and new products, as the business finds its niche and develops its USPs.

Yet it’s not just the first twelve months that’s filled with innovation; the formative years of a business can be rife with research and development that’s often overlooked, as products and services are reviewed and refined, and the systems that support the firm are adapted to cope with new demands.

We take a look at three key things start-ups need to know about R&D tax credits, to help fledgling businesses get Read more


It is now 10 months until the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation becomes law, on 25th May 2018, and a huge number of businesses in the UK still aren’t compliant. Yet almost every business will be effected by the new legislation, and the repercussions for even minor or unintentional breaches will be significant.

Fines for non-compliance

Last year, companies in the UK were fined a total of £880,500 for data and IT security breaches. Yet analysis by NCC Group, a global cyber security expert, estimates that those failings, under GDPR reforms, would have resulted in fines exceeding £69 million.

To put it into perspective, take one high profile Read more

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It’s estimated that 97% of SMEs are missing out on R&D tax credits, despite being eligible for the relief. If you think your business doesn’t do R&D, take a look at these surprising activities that could qualify for R&D tax credits:

Improving sustainability

Whether it’s cutting down waste, reducing energy usage or replacing a production material with a more environmentally friendly version, improving sustainability can generate a huge amount of eligible R&D expenditure. Yet so many businesses miss out, as it is easily overlooked. Take at a look at our feature on Closing the Loop: Recycling and R&D to see how businesses are generating R&D through sustainability.

Making Read more


The struggle towards 1080/60fps gaming continues – and that struggle doesn’t come cheap. Although 4K capable consoles have hit the market – the PS4 Pro launched earlier this year, with Xbox Project Scorpion set to release later in 2017 – 4k games remain in the minority, with many developers struggling to combine 4K quality and innovative game play features.

Yet demand for high resolution gaming will only continue to grow – just visit any gaming forum for a long list of gamers hungry for full 1080p game-play.

Developers looking to embrace 1080p not only face the initial outlay costs of investing in technology to facilitate 1080p/60 game building. Setting out Read more

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Nick Frost, of LRH Chartered Accountants, has been referring his clients to MCS Corporate Strategies for several years. Here, he explains how referring to an R&D specialist adds value to his accountancy offering.

R&D is a specialist subject, so it really needs a specialist to get the best out of a tax credits claim. As an accountant, you can’t be a specialist in everything, but with something as potentially lucrative as R&D tax credits you don’t want your clients to lose out.

What client wouldn’t be happy to get free money? That is essentially what R&D tax credits are. In the hands of an expert advisor like MCS, the credit Read more


VGTR culture test explained

VGTR is a valuable tool for game developers, offering the opportunity to recoup as much as 25% of development costs for games that have cultural relevance to the UK. The full guidelines are supplied by the BFI, who assess the games eligibility, but they can be a lengthy read.

Here, we summarise the key points of the test to give an overview of your company’s eligibility.

VGTR Culture

Cultural Content – Total 15 points

Points are awarded for the game content’s cultural relevance to the UK. The number of points depends on the percentage of the Read more


Adrian Sewell founded Tandem Patents in 2016, to help specialist engineering and design companies through the patent process. A dual qualified patent attorney and chartered mechanical engineer with a passion for innovative design, Adrian established Tandem to give his clients a personal and practical service that larger firms can’t always afford.

Here, he tells MCS Corporate Strategies how business are missing out on the opportunities of IP – and shares his expert insight on the process.

Do you think businesses are missing out on Patent Box opportunities?

Similar to the way that R&D tax credits have taken around 10 years to gather momentum, innovative UK companies aren’t getting Read more

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Scaling up can be a difficult time for businesses, both financially and logistically. MCS corporate has worked with businesses across all stages of growth, and know that R&D tax credits can be a useful – but often overlooked – financial tool to help facilitate fast growth.

We look at four ways that tax relief could help your business through scaling up:

Trial and error

The process of scaling up can include an element of trial and error, as you explore new avenues of expansion. Whether it’s a new customer base, a new range of products, a new service or simply an expansion of your existing activity, finding your feet as Read more


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